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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My Christmas Wish

That people will understand why I won't be consuming a bird for Christmas lunch/dinner. Perhaps it has something to do with these reasons. Or perhaps its to do with my body's lack of defense against other animals diseases. I don't mind if other people do consume a bird this Christmas, and I won't treat them any differently for doing so - I just hope the same attitude can be expected in return. Acceptance and tolerance, thank you.

Energy efficiency = Mental deficiency?

Interesting that given the state of our dams, the council have withdrawn their offers of free water-saving shower-heads. Instead now I have to have a "second fridge" which they can take away to get a green energy pack. WTF?!?!

Oh well, I guess after all this bitching I'll just go down the road and buy a water-saving showerhead and power-saving lightbulbs. But really - their logic astounds me. They made $20 million in profit from the scheme and stop because some people are keeping extra lightbulbs for later.... Isn't that a GOOD thing??

Monday, June 26, 2006

Mt Stromlo Observatory - burnt remains of telescopes after the canberra fires.

mossy tree in the rainforest, blue mountains

mr haloumi himself


mez'n'me at echo point, katoomba

the three sisters, katoomba

i was pleased with how this one came out.

Friday, June 16, 2006

its getting better all the time...

today i am finally well again after a whole week of sickness and illness. i would have to say its definitely one of the worst weeks of my life in terms of unwellness factor. it all started on tuesday morning when i woke up at 3am in a panic to get to the kitchen sink....... nuff said. since then i hadn't been able to keep much food down all week, until yesterday (thursday) when i managed to have some toast and pizza. throughout the whole week i have been mentally completely out-of-it, sleeping half the days away and then crazily deciding to drive my car all different places at a whim while still feeling queezy. so now after a whole week off work (and missing a 4 week contract because of it), i'm psyched to get back in the saddle.

A still from the iPod spoof video i made today. Click on the pic to view the video, it's only small (300kb). Sorry to the mac users, as i made it a windows media video file, and am too lazy to re-compress it as mpg.
I did all the 3d modelling and animation in it (it is only very short), however the soundtrack i gladly tip my hat to Venice's cover of "I can't make you love me", by Bonnie Raitt.
I made this little short vid, after hearing many stories from people who's iPods crashed on them and they lost their whole music collection. It's just a tongue-in-cheek humour. no offence intended ;)

Sunday, April 09, 2006

this is the room i created with the vase on the table, as seen in the image below.

I created this vase in a 3D program, as well as the table it's sitting on and the window behind. I zoomed right in with a 135mm lens, which helped to create the small depth of field in this image. Nothing in this image is real.

Friday, March 31, 2006

life update

It's been a while since I've written anything here so I thought it might be nice to update this little journal of mine with my current life tidbits.

work - I start work this monday at eBay as a designer, it sounds like an exciting position so I'm stoked.

music - jamming this saturday with Grant & Toby in preparation for auditioning some new potential band members. i can't wait to kick out the jams and blow out the cobwebs! ( there will be many! )

love - going strong, Meri is unreal. 1 year and 10 months of bliss. she's in canberra this weekend while i'm staying here to jam and work on music. I just got the full version of Reason so I'm looking forward to f-ing around with it on some tunes.

family - my brother and his fiance recently had their first baby boy named Louis, so that makes 3 little nephews for me to play with! Yay! Kai, Jake and Louis should be good friends when they are older.

so all is good, it finally seems like my life is getting on track with this new job, so hopefully Meri and I will soon be able to move into our own apartment and make it cool and retro. I love old light fittings, and furniture so there will be plenty of them!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

this hang-glider had a bionic leg. it's nice to see people with disabilities doing cool shit that a lot of able-bodied people would be too scared to do themselves.

hang-glider, Stanwell Park.

hang-glider, Stanwell Park.

old NRMA car, Chevrolet.

an old NRMA road-side assistance car.

my two year old nephew, looking other-worldly. (in the process of scratching my blank cds).

what can i say? FAT.

at the Garie beach look-out, after bushwalking through the national park.

fern, with fine spiders web laced through it.

a small vine creeping up a charcoal-barked tree.

me, bushwalking. national park. pic by Meri.

mossy trunk, national park.

moss, growing on a tree-trunk. national park.

Meri, perched dangerously on a fallen tree, bridging a gap over the river. about 5m in the air. national park.

some leaves, with a bug on top. national park.

overlooking Garie Beach

Thursday, February 02, 2006

the postal service, brunswick st, melb.

some street art, in melbourne.

meri & me at Falls Festival, Lorne VIC